New month, new book, new thoughts

“Well, I’d better pick up the kids, I say. I don’t want to pick up the kids. I want to send them to an orphanage and buy myself a nice dress and learn to live the way I used to, before I turned into the old scrag I am now.” IMG_20130702_151442
Said Loretta, the main actor of the book I am reading right now, ‘The Fine Colour of Rust’ by P.A. O’Reilly. It is a quite different book compared to the last one I read, it is funny and serious at the same time, very heart-warming and easy to read. Perfect for the last couple of days with lots of rain. The Swedish summer which started so wonderful took a break for a while which made some days kinda dull here in Malmö. However now the sun is back and let’s hope it stays for a while.

I also started writing myself again (probably gonna turn out to be a short story). I liked writing short stories when I was younger so I thought I give it a try again. Not too easy to get in a writing flow though… We will see if I will be able to produce something worth reading . My usual problem is that I have 10000 ideas in my head but to convert all these pictures I have in my mind into words is not the easiest task.

It is already July … Time is running so fast ! It is only a little more than a month to go and then its time for Germany.

pic126big4Moving to Israel is getting closer and our ideas for travelling down there are getting more detailed. I got a really nice contact with the Israeli embassy in Copenhagen. I am writing lots of mails with questions and answers back and forth and they even called me to tell me things in detail about our travelling plans outside of Israel and what is to take care of and so on . I was told to write or call when ever I want if I have more questions. Pretty handy!

I look very much forward to see Jerusalem! It seems to be such a beautiful city, especially the old town, full of history and culture. We ordered three lonely planet books ; one about Israel and the Palestinian territories, one about Jordan and one about Iran. Gonna be fun to hang in a café and read in them ! We have also gotten much further with our research for our trip to Iran, after all it does not seem impossible, there is just so much to take into consideration and to keep in mind. So with this one it stays pretty interesting how it gonna go 😀

What I also have to take care of in July is that stupid f***** paper I have left to write for my IR2 course , the deadline is in the beginning of August… I really do not feel like working on this exam and I already see how it gonna go… Procrastination until about the end of July and getting it somehow over with a looot of stress since that will be in the time when we have to clean the flat and pack and everything 😛 We will see maybe I can kick my ass and start earlier.

A really good friend of mine is back in Malmö for some days and I really enjoy hanging out with him again, he was one of my first friends 1005162_10151686161113114_383528564_nfrom university here and I missed him much the last half a year. Next January we will all be re-united to write out bachelor thesis’ , so we all can procrastinate together 😛

Otherwise not too much happened I am mainly enjoying to have a lot of free time and fill it with meeting with friends, partying, sports, reading &writing and so on . Yesterday we had a lot of fun , we went to our neighbours for a Thanksgiving dinner ! Yes in July.Some weeks ago when we had a party we figured out that we have loooots of turkey in our freezer and neither me nor Rickard really know

998674_10151529008650875_613115405_nhow to prepare it . Since our neighbour is from the states he offered or rather promised to make us a thanksgiving dinner if we sponsor the turkey . It was delicious and we rather rolled home than walked, thankfully they live on the same floor.

Last but not least my favourite song in these days is this one , check it out 😉