5 days to go then it’s time for Israel!

Time is running and soon the adventure will begin!

It has been over a month since I updated my blog because I had so many things to do and never really felt I have the time and calmness to sit down and write.  I think I do now. People have started to ask me when I will update it again, so here you go!

IMG_20130710_181811 In the end of July the new people have moved in our flat and I stayed with a friend for the remaining ten943711_10201091495242839_430539630_n days which was a lot of fun but also sad since I had to say good bye to so many people. In the last 2.5 years I never left Sweden for longer than a couple of weeks so it felt really weird to leave so long now: However, I am back in January so actually I will only be gone for about 20 weeks 🙂

On the 9th we went to Germany to stay here three weeks. I planned to do a lot of things and to meet many people since I had three weeks, that’s a lot of time I thought……. Oh well now its 5 days left and my to do and to meet list is still not empty at all.  It just has been too tempting 2013-08-26 16.39.58to meet with my closest friends and spent lots of time drinking coffee and talking during the days and going out and partying during the nights and suddenly two weeks where gone 😛  We also had a festival in town the last weekend which has been a lot of fun.

I ofc spent time with my family as well  and helping my Mum in the flat and garden. Unfortunately my cat is very sick again what makes me really sad , it turned out that he has diabetes and needs to get insulin injected every day from now on, also his leukocytes in his blood are too little what could mean that he has another illness as well. It makes me IMG_0981really sad since I grew up with him and he is like a little brother to me, so I hope he will recover soon somehow. Let’s cross our fingers… ❤ ❤ ❤

The next weekend will be quite eventful since I have my birthday on Friday which I will first celebrate with my family and then later have a little party with friends. On Saturday my beloved father will get married, which will fill the day and night with celebrations and on Sunday its time to say good bye to Germany and then the adventure starts! The flight is in the evening on Sunday and then the next 30 hours gonna be quite crazy since we first fly back to Copenhagen (it was cheaper to fly from there to Israel than straight from Frankfurt) and then in the night we will fly to Istanbul and stay about 12 hours there and explore the city and then go on flying to Tel Aviv where we then have to figure out how we get to Jerusalem which is about 50km away from it.

995139_10201172762354466_1161441322_nWe still have not found an apartment to stay….. There are  10000 offers in the internet but none was something what seemed either suiting for us or was affordable. So if we do not find anything this week, we will stay the first couple of weeks in a hotel or hostel and search from there. It feels kinda weird to move to a complete strange country and have no home there but I see it as an adventure and I am sure everything gonna work out in the end. I am by now very excited how it gonna be to live in this beautiful city and how my work gonna be….

Here a link for  a very interesting article about Israels position when it comes to Syria and the US. Gonna be interesting to see how much one can feel about the tensions up close.

Sometimes I feel like that I might very well could just fly back to my beloved Malmö and stay in my comfort zone and take it easy hehe 😛
but that’s the chicken inside of me and I will overcome that for sure. I look forward to a new country and a completely new environment and I am quite certain that it gonna be a great challenge and experience ! I will update my blog from now on more often again and hope I have quick internet access when we get to Israel so I can keep you posted. Thank you for reading 🙂