Roadtrip awesomeness !

The time in Israel & Palestine is coming to an end. Tomorrow early early morning a taxi will pick us up and drive us to the airport. After a stop in Istanbul we will be back in Sweden Sunday afternoon….. I still have a hard time to comprehend that this time here is really already over! Right now I am blogging from a really awesome hostel in Tel Aviv were we will spent our last evening.  Let me give you a quick recap about the last week and our awesome roadtrip and then you will find some pictures from it below as well.

After leaving Jerusalem on the 21th in the afternoon we got our rental car which looked liked a wannabe version of a pitty cruiser and was probably as strong as a trabbi, but it carried us everywhere we wanted and so I shouldn’t really complain. For me a car has to drive and not much more. 😛 Our first stop was Nablus in the West Bank were we stayed at a really nice little Hotel and were amazed by the friendliness of all the people around us. We enjoyed a stroll through the city markets, had good food and of course smoked a shisha. We meant to go to Jericho before that but we decided to skip it after all, as there is not too much to see apart from that it is a really old city. We took it in general a little easy on visiting sites, ruins and other things like that since we both felt a little done with history and ruins after our Jordan trip and all the things we did and visited in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Our focus was a little more on relaxing, enjoying awesome views , meeting nice people on the way and simply doing what we felt like and not “what we have to see.”

After Nablus we drove up north to Nazareth were we had lunch and took a stroll around, it was nice and all but to us nothing super special, probably again due to that we just have seen so much in the last 5 months. After that we went along to Tiberias at the Sea of Galilee and immediately loved it. The weather was warm and nice, we visited hot sulphor pools and had really good food and felt really homey in our hotel which had a awesome roof terrace all to our selves. So in the end we decided to stay two nights instead of one. Didn’t regret it 🙂

Our trip went on to the Golan Heights which is occupied by Israel as well and belonged before to Syria. It was a beautiful landscape up there and we really enjoyed driving on the fairly empty streets. On our way to Mount Hermon right next to the Lebanese and Syrian boarder suddenly the road was blocked, we could hear machine guns and saw lots of soldier in the mountains. We got out of the car to see what this is all about, being fairly close to crisis ridden country boarders it was a very interesting feeling to experience. It turned out that it was the Israeli Army which did training in the mountains and we were told that they are done soon and the road will be open again. So we took our chance and took lots of pictures which surprisingly the army did not forbid. Normally the IDF is not very keen on pictures 😛

Arriving at Mount Hermon and getting up to the top with a lift we got an amazing view and funny enough, some snow and they were renting out slides up there ! So we took the chance and rented one and went down a little snowy hill with all the other kids 😉 Our journey went on to Akko in the late afternoon. A beautiful and cozy coast city I immediately liked a lot. We had walks on the city wall along the cost, of course again really good food and we even visited a citadel and went through a Templar tunnel which was really interesting ! We enjoyed a really really good dinner at the port in Akko. After having been eating Falaffel, white bread, hummus, tahina and all the other nice Arabic foods you can find around here, it was great to  have seafood and full wheat bread 😛 🙂

Next day we went to Haifa and had a look at the beautiful Bahai garden. The garden has 17 or 19 terraces and provided an amazing view down to the sea. We did not spend too much time around there as we started late that noon with driving and we wanted to get rid of the rental car in Tel Aviv before 06.00 pm.

Last stop before arriving in Tel Aviv in the evening was Caesarea where we had a look around some ruins and beaches and enjoyed lunch in the sun. Arriving in Tel Aviv we found our hostel fairly fast. It just opened half a year ago and is located in an old textile factory(Overstay Hostel). The whole style of it is very alternative, relaxed and cool ! Everything is full of graffiti and art, people are super nice, lots of different furniture types can be found and the roof top has an awesome lounge -chill -out area. You can rent a bike for one Euro a day. So we did that the next day and biked around Tel Aviv and the coast side. I like Tel Aviv a lot ! I thought it would be bigger, noisier and not so welcoming but that’s was totally wrong. The city has many awesome corners and cozy streets, nice bars and cafes and the beaches along the coast are awesome to hang out and enjoy a beer ! Today we took the bikes to old Jaffa which is right next to Tel Aviv and hang out along the water side and were over all pretty lazy. We might had have a few drinks in the hostel the night before, met some cool people and therefore we miiight be a little hangover today 😉

Over all the short roadtrip was relaxed and really great. No problems and lots of fun. Now I gonna slack around the hostel and hopefully catch some sleep before we have to drive to the airport. Thank you Israel and Palestine for amazing 5 months, I saw a lot, experienced a lot, learned a lot, met amazing people and the time here gave me over all a great opportunity to grow! I look forward to my next adventures and will keep you updated here ! Let’s hope I won’t freeze to death in Sweden, there it is about 30 degrees less than here right now…. 😛 Now enjoy some pictures I took in the last week :











































3 thoughts on “Roadtrip awesomeness !

  1. Danke, danke, liebe Laura, für Deine Erzählung und die Fotos! “Awesome!” (in Deiner Sprache) Komm jetzt gut an im schwedischen Winter und nutze diesen Reichtum an Erlebnissen der letzten Monate! Ich selber bin im Moment auch im tiefen Schnee zum Skiurlaub in Tirol und kann das gut genießen. Viele liebe Grüße! Dein Opa Rainer

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