Road Trip Essentials !

Summer Time is Road Trip Time !
I was asked to participate in a great campaign by RelayRides about road trip essentials!  I made some really great road trips in my life and I definitely think that every road trip should include some essentials which should not be missed! My three favourite road trips I made were one in Morocco in 2012, one through Jordan in 2013 and another one just recently in January 2014 through Israel and the Westbank. Have a look at the collages below I made and get an impression of the trips (you can click them to make them bigger!). Did you have a look ?! 🙂 Can you guess what for me the first and foremost thing is to have with me ?! Yes exactly, great company ! All three road trips I  made with  my boyfriend and we had such a great time exploring the different countries together!

I am sure one can have a great road trip on their own as well, however, when it comes to me I really enjoy having someone with me I can talk to, laugh together and plan the trip together. When it comes to planning a road trip there is one philosophy I live after ” too much planning makes you unhappy!” Yes, I know some planning is needed but too much planning and sticking to one idea of a route makes you miss out on places and streets you otherwise would never have discovered !  When I do a roadtrip we plan the basics; the approximate route, where we can rent a car or how to get around ( I wish RelayRides would exist in Europe, its a really great idea, check it out if you live in the US!) and a timeframe which often has to be fairly exact since we are all bound to duties such as work or studying.

Another thing which needs to be taken care of is great music !!!! There is nothing better than driving down a road and watching the landscapes and listening to your favourite music. When we went to Morocco we actually made our own CD (how oldschool 😉 ) and ended up listening to the same 25 songs the whole time (yes, surprisingly enough I still like them all!). We left the CD in the car when we gave it back, so the next person who will drive that car would have a nice surprise. When we took the road trip through Israel we had a cable to connect our smartphones to listen to good music (not so old school anymore) and the same goes for the Jordan trip where we listened to my ipod or to our smartphones while driving with either buses or cars around.

Almost as important as great company is a sense of adventure! If you have the right mindset and feel adventures, annoyances which may occur are not so annoying anymore but rather exciting and funny! The GPS doesn’t work properly in the middle of nowhere in Morocco? No problem, we enjoy the view until we find a local who can help us out. If we wouldn’t have been lost a couple of times on our road trips we would have missed out on meeting great people, seeing awesome corners we would otherwise have missed and having a lots of laughs when we figure out one more time that we are about to drive into an open field.

However, not to forget is a rather boring thing; a USB charger which you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. No matter if you wanna make a call home, find your way around with google maps, or want to listen to music. You have to admit, all of that gets rather hard when your smartphone/navi/tablet does not work anymore. Or…… you prove yourself that you are not dependent on modern technology and get an actual map 😉

Snacks and water are not to be missed as well, in my case I pretty much always have a redbull with me since no one wants to get tired behind the wheel or as the person who entertains the driver. Great snacks are any kind of nuts, they give you energy, are healthy and you can get them pretty much all over the world. Breaks while doing a road trip get a lot more fun when you bring some playing cards (the simple normal kind) and just sit down somewhere and have a game. It’s quite refreshing for the mind!

You should not be in a rush. What I have noticed when taking a road trip is when the driving gets annoying because it takes sooo long, then you have to take an additional night/break somewhere. Rather skip one stop you had planned and really enjoy where you are right now, than getting stressed. A road trip should be fun and not about getting as fast from A to B as you can. We usually plan the stops on a day to day base with having our approximate route in the back of our heads. Then you can evaluate on the spot if the next day should be more about driving or taking it easy.

Overall, I love road trips and in my point of view it is the best way to explore a country! If you have the right company, time, an adventures mindset and good music you are all good to go ! Driving through Morocco, Jordan and Israel  I got a real impression of the country and the people, if you have an open mind and are not afraid to talk to strangers you will have a great time. 🙂 I look forward to my next trip, it’s time to get on the road again!




jordan roadtrip




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