To Marie

I came home at 06.30 am on this Sunday morning, 1. of June, after walking you home
I walked through the empty and already sunny Malmö, listening to music on your old ipod
It was a long time ago that I had such an amazing night out
Walking you home and having a good talk and many laughs just topped off this great night
In the evening you walked to my place , so it was just balanced that I walked you home this morning
Pretty much everything in our friendship is greatly balanced
This night we danced for hours, got free drinks without getting badly hit on, and shared many laughs
We didn’t dance together in a while, we should do that more often before you leave Sweden
You will leave Sweden soon, what an odd feeling
We see each other almost every day, if not even twice
Like yesterday, we met up in Simpan , you walked all the way there because you know I love this place, and we usually have great time there
You do many things I appreciate, and I hope you think it is like that the other way around as well
If something is bad you are always there to tell me everything gonna be alright, and I do the same for you
Or like we say: Alles wird gut.
When you leave in the middle of June I gonna feel a bit lost
But we have managed living in different countries before and I will visit you and you will visit me
Maybe one day we work together and make this world a better place (ha, now that sounds deep, doesn’t it ?)
One day I might start sharing your interest in the Caucasus Region and we will meet up somewhere there
One day you might miss Sweden so much that you come back , or not, we will figure something out
We always figure things out , one way or the other
This night I felt so full of joy and happiness, and you were the perfect person to share those feelings with
Do you remember that guy who was wearing sandals with socks ? I told you, no need to worry about looks when going to a party like this
You always look fine anyway, and yes I know, you don’t believe me when I say that but it’s a fact, live with it
I should be in bed by now so I will be refreshed later, so we can meet up again and prepare our Thesis Opposition Seminar on Monday
Crazy, on Monday everything gonna be over
Three years at Malmö University are coming to an end
We helped each other through the last two months writing on our theses (did you know this word is the plural of thesis? me neither, guess who used it wrongly in her thesis, yes, me)
Many hours spent together in both libraries, several cafés and at my place
Our brains sometimes felt like pudding, and our coffee consumption wasn’t always healthy anymore
And, we did it, we both did it
Only the opposition is left
After Monday the summer starts
Cheers to us!
All this makes me feel old sometimes, but hey we are actually super young
I am ~3.5 months older than you, old-young me
We gonna have a degree on Monday and you will move to Budapest and I will study in Lund
Yes, I stay in Sweden and you will leave, who would have thought that
Well, we did, it was clear that this is how it will be
Maybe we do an internship together in our choice semester while doing our Masters
Wouldn’t that be great, meeting up somewhere in the world, spending 6 Months together working
We should do that
I am drinking lots of water now, like you said we should after a night of dancing
After an awesome night of dancing, a really great night
Do I sound too deep, too girly? I hope not but even if, then you have a reason to mock me when we meet up later
When I look outside of my window I see over Malmö and think maaan, I should eat something
Ha, you didn’t expect that, didn’t you
We will make this first half of June awesome , I am sure about that
Let’s dance, let’s inline skate, let’s sit in the parks and meet up with other friends
Let’s enjoy the last weeks together in Sweden, and let’s tell each other everything gonna be fine like we always do
Let’s make fun of each other when we are once again acting so typical, suiting to our characters
Let’s promise each other we will skype more than we did when you were in Azerbaijan and I was in Israel
But hey, when we were in these countries we managed to be awesome friends anyway, even though we are lazy skypers
We will manage this time as well, but I have to admit, Rickard will have to listen to a lot of complaining about your absence
He will have to deal with it, he is used to me talking about you
It is 07.40 am now and I really should be in bed
Instead I am listening to Sonnentanz by Klang Karusell,feeling happy, tired and a little girly writing this for you
You are used to me being a bit girly sometimes
You are used to pretty much any mood I could possibly be in, and you never fail to put up with it
I am really thankful for that
I am really thankful that we met, that we studied together, and that we became such amazing friends
I hope we are still friends when we are really old, so we can sit together and laugh about the old times
Then my hair will be grey and maybe yours too, and I will finally not be the only one with some grey hair
Now hold on tight for the ultimate girlyness: You are like the sister I never had
Sounds strong huh? But it feels like it, so I say it
I will name my future minipig like you suggested: Carlos Bacon Mini Pig Petrak
That minipig will be amazing, it will not lose any hair and will love both of us
Now it is time to go to bed
Thank you for everything and I look forward to spend much more time with you in the future, no matter in which country