Autumn Reflections

It has been a while since the last post. I didn’t write anything for almost two months. It feels like much has happened since we got back from our hiking trip and since my master program has started, and at the same time it feels like nothing has happened at all. One thing is sure though, it got darker. Autumn and winter in Sweden can be quite the challenge for keeping up the motivation and mood. A day light lamp helps. Get one and you will see.

I have been studying a lot. The first course of the program was really good and I enjoyed meeting new people and extending my knowledge on things I had previously studied. The

20141029_14440310420035_737073519675291_3082026501881859473_nsecond course (methodology) turns out to be more of an annoyance. It seems to be a common phenomenon that courses in methodology are poorly structured, badly organized and often feel pointless.

Being the student representative of the program, others and I have had a meeting with the union about the problems in the course. The result was that we will have a meeting with the responsible teachers and the union together next week. Let’s see how able the teacher are to take criticism. The course lasts 10 weeks and I will dance in joy when it’s over. The course which will follow after is on the topic of globalization, conflict, security and the state, and I have high hopes that it will be far more enjoyable.

For a few days in October I have been to Germany which, as always, was too short and really nice.I had some fun time with new friends, especially on Halloween with fellow students at a

10700395_10204217668195209_3414285736167084061_o‘sitning’, a Swedish student tradition. When you study at Lund University you become a member of a Nation which organizes events. You can work with them as well which is usually quite a lot of fun. You can book a sitning at the nations which means big amounts of students get together for a three course dinner which usually has a theme. While having dinner it is quite common that people sing selected sitning songs and then  go clubbing afterwards. All together for a very student friendly price.

Apart from that I have spent some fun times with old friends and Miles visited us in Malmö ! I worked together with him in Jerusalem and he has become a dear friend. The time with him here was a little bit like being back in Jerusalem 🙂  Also I just spent a lovely time in Denmark with Rickards family in a beautiful Hotel about an hour away from Copenhagen. But mostly it has been studying, studying, studying. All work no play makes jack a dull boy. Didn’t that saying go something like that ?

It has been 10 months ago since I got back from Jerusalem, and the more time passes the more I start missing  it , the work , the people and the city. Following closely the events which have been occurring during and after the last Gaza incident makes me want to go there even more and get into work again, even if the changes we create are small, one has to start somewhere.

IMG_8146A bit more than one year ago we did the Road Trip through Jordan, one of my best trips in my life ! I miss travelling and experiencing new things. Being in an unknown environment.IMAG1282_1 I do love Malmö and I like my life in Sweden but the amount or kind of travelling this year somehow did not satisfy my wanderlust. Maybe that is one reason why this blog has gotten not so much of my attention lately. With all the studying and not much travelling or no extreme experiences I often felt uninspired to write.

Next year in September I will be able to go abroad again for a 5 month internship. I look much forward to that. So far I am quite certain it will be the middle Eastern region again but nothing is set yet. Over all the studying  I had not much time to do research about it. I could mostly consider Beirut, Lebanon or Bahrain.  If I am perfectly honest I would love to go back to Palestine but future wise it would be smart to gather experiences in different environments.

Until then I am not sure how much time there is for travelling. Over Christmas I will go to Germany which I look forward to.  Maybe I will manage to do something over Easter so I don’t have to wait for the summer. “The Wanderlust has got me… by the belly-aching fire” ( Robert W. Service, Rhymes of a Rolling Stone).  

20141101_165108Soon Malmö will shine with many lights and Christmas Decorations, it will get even darker and colder but at the same time cozier and I have a reason to procrastinate with baking. I 2014-10-23 16.45.22remember in 2011 we went to Cran Canaria for a week in early December, that made me appreciate Malmö and its winter beauty a lot more. I wish I would have the chance to get out for a few days to somewhere , where it’s warm, where I don’t have to study and then come back with new energy and much more appreciation for Malmö’s dark but glittering winter. Well, overall I should not complain. A strong case of wanderlust is not a severe problem 😉 I have no regrets that I decided to do study a master program as I think in the future when I start being part of the grown up working world it will come in handy especially in my field.

So, I wish you all a lovely winter , a beautiful Christmas time and to my friends in Palestine and Israel I hope you stay safe. I will see you soon again !


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