Next adventure ahead !!!

Life is getting really exciting again!

Everything is taken care of and fixed, the next adventure is only  7 weeks away!  I got an internship at an organisation in Beirut, Lebanon our new home for almost 5 months starting from the end of August. Contract is signed, flights are booked, and a place to live is found.  I will work with an organisation which works with Syrian refugees with a focus on education for the new Syrian generations. ( I will write more specifics once I have started working there, so stay tuned!). I am very excited that I will live once more in the Middle Eastern region which I am so fascinated of and interested in. Also, that of course will mean that this blog will be quite lively in the coming months 🙂  My beloved adventure-partner Rickard will once again join me for an adventure and will work from home while staying in Beirut. While we lived in Jerusalem that worked pretty well, so let’s hope we can work around the rather bad internet in Lebanon.

Lebanon ?! You might ask… I have gotten all sorts of reaction to my choice of country from ‘ oh my that is so amazing’  to ‘what?!?! Isn’t that all war zone???’  Yes, Lebanon is not Sweden and it is of course less safe than the latter but especially central Beirut is considered as safe and it is a vibrant, diverse and beautiful city. Lebanon is an incredible country with a long history. War, conflicts but also amazing culture and people.  I have friends who used to live in Beirut and who are currently living there and they are all in love with the city. The place where we will live at is a big shared apartment where we will live with a local as well who will help us with information needed when living in and exploring Beirut. Have a look at this article or maybe only at the very short video on top of the page  , my favorite quote in this text is probably the following;

“A place where bikinis and hijabs appeared to coexist seamlessly — where all the evils, all the problems of the world could be easily found, right next to and among all the best things about being human and being alive. This was a city where nothing made any damn sense at all — in the best possible way (CNN, 2015).”

I have talked a lot to people who used to live in Beirut, who come originally from there and to people who currently live there,  they all love it and  I am very confident that we will have a great time with rich experiences!  And not to forget, I really believe it is a highly important cause I will be involved with at my internship, a cause I burn for and am ready to invest a lot.


Best classmates!


Midsummer food!

Apart from this great news the summer has gone pretty well so far, I had my last exam at Uni in early June and since then I have spent my days with planning, meeting and spending time with friends,  we had a really nice midsummer day and once the Swedish summer came around enjoying the sun was a long anticipated option as well. It was actually really hot the past few days or week, so yes, summer in Sweden is possible!  Tomorrow I will fly to Germany to visit my family and friends without any studying stress, I look very much forward to that! Especially to see my Mum and my beloved cat Jimmy !!! My Dad, friends and so on,  without any stress! 🙂

After Germany there is pretty little time left in Sweden. I will finally visit Stockholm (can you believe this? I have lived in Sweden for over 4 years now and have never been in Stockholm!), we will go to Austria in early August with a short stop after in Germany again, and then it will be all about getting the flat ready and clean for a really nice Icelandic couple who will rent the place while we are gone, and of course packing!  One suitcase will have to be enough for 5 months, I remember the challenge from moving to Jerusalem ….
Below you can find a few more pictures from the recent weeks, enjoy them and keep checking my blog soon it will be very interesting again to pay it a visit!

2015-06-06 17.58.42

Enjoy the sun and free Lunch at Kontrapunkt


2015-07-03 16.27.08

Summer vitamins 🙂


Relaxing at the water side with a view of the Turning Torso


Sun, music, friends – summer!


Ready for midsummer!


Noni definitely thinks it is a little warm at the moment!


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